Wartime memories walking trails

Follow the six Remembrance walking trails in Nord Pas de Calais  ...


Following in Wilfred Owen’s Footsteps

The 6,5 kms walking trail starts out from the Maison Forestière or Forester’s House opened in October 2011 and Simon Patterson’s work of art in his memory where he spent his last night, the trail passes through the woodlands of the Bois l’Evêque and the cemetery where he was laid to rest and on to the banks of the canal. An audio guided tour by Cambrai tourism office is also available free of charge.

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The Battle of Fromelles

This tour will guide you the tragic tale story of British and Australian soldiers who launched an assault on German lines at Fromelles, a small village Weppes (15 miles west of Lille) in July 1916. From the church of the town, discover a route of 8.5 km browsing the various testimonies of the clashes. The booklet includes a route map and detailed the various attractions to explore in better place full of history explanations.

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maubeuge g

Maubeuge under the Germans

The 2.5 walking route ‘Maubeuge under the Germans’ provides an insight into the scale and brutality of the German occupation of 1914–1918.

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Maubeuge Fortified town under siege

This cycle route takes you to the principal sites connected with the Siege of Maubeuge, which took place from 27 August to 8 September 1914 during the initial phase of the German invasion.

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armentieres couv gb

Armentières, war and reconstruction

During about 9 km enter in the history of the "English town" during the conflict. The reconstruction has given a new identity, a neo-Flemish regionalist architecture.

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couv bailleul gb

Bailleul, a model of Flemish reconstruction

it is a 4km walking tour tracing the history of the town of Bailleul before, during and after the 1st world war. After the war, the municipality opted for a faithful historic reconstruction following the precepts of traditional Flemish architecture.

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