Tall ship Festival - 30th May 2nd June - Dunkerque/Dunkirk

Dunkirk port will host a fleet of major international ships complete with masts and rigging, including the Kruzenshtern, the second largest ship in the world! Some dozen great tall ships will be open to the public for visits and sailing trips! Four days dedicated to tall ships with concerts, events and exhibitions. 



Tall ships visits are free of charge according to the following schedule. 

Kruzenshtern - Three- masted (Russia)  A Russian vessel from 1926 sailed the world to carry goods. She became a training ship in WW2 and from 1946 is training students from the Kaliningrad navy school. From 1st June / 10h - 18h 30, 31May and 2 June / 10h - 19h 

Belem - Three-masted (France)  From 1896, the Belem is used for trade between the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe. Sold in 1914, she was turned into a luxury yacht and sailed until 1939. Then used as a sailing school until until 1978. In 1984, the ship comes back to France where she is classified as a historical monument. Belem Foundation was created to manage the boat that now houses 48 students supervised by 16 officers and crew. 31 May / 10h - 17h1st June / 10h - 19h2 June / 10h - 19h

Dar Mlodziezy - Square three-masted (Poland)  Polish merchant marine training ship, the three-masted Dar Mlodziezy was built in the shipyards of Gdansk. Commissioned in 1982, she was the first of a new generation of training ship with square headlights. Dar Mlodziezy participated in many regattas of tall ships. 30, 31 May / 10h - 19h 1st June / 10h - 18h 2 June / 14h - 19h

Etoile de France - FRCPM

Etoile du Roy - Three-masted frigate (France)  Replica of 1745 frigate, Etoile du Roy is the largest French historical replica. Based in St Malo, the pirate ship is involved in many historical events and films. 30, 31 May et 2 June / 10h - 19h 1st June / 10h - 21h30

Mir - Square three-masted (Russia)  In Russian, its name means peace. Issuedin 1987, Mir was built for the Soviet Union in Gdansk shipyards, Poland. Now under the Russian flag, she keeps on being a training ship, assigned to the Maritime Academy in St. Petersburg. Several times winner of tall ships regattas, the three-masted Mir is considered to be the fastest training ship. 30, 31 May et 2 June 10h - 19h 1st June / 10h - 18h

Santa-Maria-Manuela - Goélette à quatre-mâts (Portugal)  Issued in 1937, the Portuguese schooner went fishing in Newfoundland until the 1960s. In the early 1990s, it was saved from demolition. Restored as she was, the ship sails again in 2010. Property of a foundation, the four-masted schooner now presents the history of Portuguese sailors in Newfoundland and welcomes young trainees.30 May / 10h - 17h30 31 May / 10h - 18h1st June / 10h - 19h2 June / 10h - 19h

MS Stubnitz (Germany)  The Motorship Stubnitz is an old fishing boat. From 1992, she is turned into a mobile platform for research and cultural exchange. Originally built in 1964 in the former East German city of Stralsund, the Stubnitz sails from its home port of Rostock to dock around the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. 2 June / 10h - 19h

Morgenster - FRCPM

Sandettie lighthouse ship  A page of the maritime history of Dunkirk turned when greeted by a chorus of sirens, the lightship Sandettie returned for the last time the port June 3, 1989. Made post 1949, the BF 6 (lightship 6) was called successively Dyck and Sandettie, named after the sandbanks he was responsible for.Du 30 May au 2 June14h - 18h 

Duchesse Anne - three-masted afloat in Dunkerque  The largest visited sailing mate in France. Created in 1901 under the name of Elisabeth Grossherzogin, this three-masted ship is a training ship built to train officers and men of the German merchant marine.Du 30 May au 2 June14h - 18h

Guilde barge  The barge Guild demonstrates the important role of inland waterways to transport goods from the port to the hinterland. Her story illustrates the different stages in the evolution of inland water transport in the twentieth century.Du 30 May au 2 June14h - 18h 




10h - 13h et 15h - 18h Adults 30 € - Under 16 : 15 € - Families (2 adultes + 2 children) 75 €

Tall ships Artemis, Mercedes and Morgenster embark passengers for a three hour navigations. These three boats will also be open to the public on 1st June from 19h to 21h30. From May 28 to 14h, information and registration at point "Embark - Sail" (Quai Guillain).


Fanfares, sailor sing-songs, concerts with afternoon tea on board the Love Boat (Texel), great concerts in the evening, and a special star turn: the Breton group Bagad de Lann Bihoué (Sunday 2 june). Stands, events and refreshments in the Quartier des Marins (Sailors' district). 


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