Where to eat in Avesnois?

To delight your taste buds, the Avesnois also boasts a host of culinary specialities including apple juice, beer and a vast range of different treats featuring its famous cheese, Maroilles. Hands up all those who want to try them!

Le Quesnoy - Produits du Terroir (6)

At the “La Pen'Tière” restaurant in Avesnelles , its quirky chef Jean-Lin Hubière will be delighted to cook you a lovely meal in the beautifully restored setting of what was once a private house.

All the local specialities are on the menu and there’s a wood fire for grilling meats!

21, route d'Etroeungt 59440 Avesnelles

+33 3 27 61 22 22 or +33 3 27 61 03 45


I’m also assured that the “Auberge des Etangs des Moines” at 97 Rue des Étangs in Fourmies and the “Au Pied de Mon Arbre” at 21 Chaussée Brunehaut in Gommegnies are excellent places if you enjoy good food!


In a craft brewery at Neuville en Avesnois ... Jérôme Dreumont will tell you all about a mythical beverage that he produces following the methods of the old Trappist monks.

After a short presentation, you will sample the range of different beers in the original setting of the bar.

A warm and friendly welcome for all visitors!

Families welcome Saturdays from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Price 4 euros / person, children free)

Guided tours with the brewer for groups of 20 or over, 7 days a week

2A Rue Basse 59218 Neuville en Avesnois

+33 3 27 27 54 69 or +33 6 09 10 31 25

brasserie@dreum.com - http://www.dreum.com/