What's around in Avesnois?

Come with me, apart from all the outdoor activities I’ve organised some freebies for museums and some out-of-the-ordinary tours!

Great offer especially for you: in these two museums, buy 1 ticket, get 1 free!

bavay - forum antique 4

Archaeological Site and Departmental Museum, BAVAY

Bavay is the largest Gallo-Roman forum in Europe. Come and see this forum which has been given a new look with a new layout and presentation and fully re-designed exhibits; a new look at the Roman forum and a new version of the film “Retour à Bagacum II”; a unique example of interactive archaeological modelling with 3D synthesized imagery.


Glass Museum and Workshop, SARS-POTERIES

One of the largest collections of contemporary glass in France, it is now a centre for young artists and designers working in glass. Discover the ‘bousillés’, multicoloured familiar or fantastical pieces produced by the workers in the past during their breaks from work.



 Jean-Luc  and Angèle , my Greeter friends , will be delighted to share with you their stories about the area they live in, so get in touch with them, it’s free and a fun way to learn about local life!

Finally, for loads more ideas of things to do , visit http://uk.maubeuge-tourisme.com/