Val Joly

Come and enjoy the lush greenery of the Nord’s very own Avesnois Regional Nature Park just one hour from Lille. Whether on foot, or on your bikes, in the water or up in the skies, you’ll find plenty of things to do for children and adults alike. And above all do like me, breathe in the invigorating air and open your eyes wide to the natural beauty of the lovely late summer that’s coming our way!

Take a break in the Val Joly resort by the largest lake in the Nord and on the edge of 6000 hectares of forest. The resort is open all year round and offers a wide range of accommodation, amenities and activities. It’s the perfect place from which to explore the countryside of the Avesnois!

Among the other attractions not to be missed are the various sites of the Avesnois Ecomuseum, notably:

Fourmies - Ecomusée de l\'Avesnois - machines textiles gros plan bobines -  2009

the Museum of Textiles and Social Life, FOURMIES

This museum is housed in a former spinning mill and is devoted to industry built up around the combed wool for which the town was famous in the 19th century. The economic and social history of Fourmies and the region is described in reconstructions of the local urban environment (school, shopping street) and the portrayal of local traditions.



Trélon - musée du verre - stages (6)

and the Glass Workshop and Museum, TRELON

The museum is housed in a former glassworks dating from the 19th century, and features the techniques involved in the making of glass as well as the processes involved in the manufacture of items ranging from champagne bottles to delicate perfume bottles. Master craftsmen lay on daily glassblowing demonstrations for visitors.

And be sure to take a trip round the magnificent walled town of Le Quesnoy !


One of the largest fortified towns in France, Le Quesnoy was captured by the Germans and used as garrison town during the four years of the Great War. But on 4 November 1918, New Zealand troops scaled the fortifications with ladders and succeeded in liberating the town. Le Quesnoy today is the region’s most extensive walled town and the fortifications are a magnificent setting for walks.

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