Autumn is going to be FANTASTIC!

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From 6th  October 2012 to 13th  January 2013 Lille and the whole of the Eurometropolis  will experience all the outrageous excesses of the Festival Fantastic , an incredible season of cultural events featuring the supernatural, the marvellous, the bizarre and a sublimated reality in the shape of over 500 events (exhibitions, urban metamorphoses, live shows and much more) . So, see you on the 6th  of October at the opening parade , which promises to be quite extraordinary!

Orchestrated by the Association Lille 3000, the Festival Fantastic aims to produce surprising effects for all its visitors, through bringing the supernatural into the urban environment with the help of great international artists and performers.

A parade, exhibitions, urban metamorphoses, designer productions, cinema, theatre, circus, dance, concerts, clubbing, literature, comic books, workshops, cookery and more! Something for everyone in all parts of Greater Lille !

Visit Lille's public spaces, the Tripostal, the Gare Saint Sauveur, the Beaux-Arts museum and art gallery, Muba in Tourcoing, the La Piscine museum in Roubaix. You'll find all the information and schedules you need on the web sites opposite.


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Take my word for it, this really is worth a look!