What's around during the Christmas period?

For me, Christmas is a time for shopping… Whether you’re after art or fashion, the best bargains are to be had in Roubaix!

Roubaix - Braderie de l\'art - GREET THE WORLD - Remi Vimont (38)

Braderie de l’Art - 8th  and 9th  December 2012

At La Condition Publique - 14 Place du Général Faidherbe in Roubaix (Greater Lille)
from 7pm to 7pm...24 hours of non-stop creativity!

The Braderie de l'Art began in 1991 from an original idea by Fanny Bouyagui / Art Point M.

Around a hundred artists, all selected on the basis of their portfolios, create works of art on site using 100% recycled materials! Artists from all horizons, both artistic and geographical, take a host of everyday objects picked up here and there and turn them into real works of art. 
In what is nothing more or less than an indescribable shambles, this flotsam and jetsam is given new life before the very eyes of visitors. Anything is possible and a simple dustbin can become a magnificent chair. Prices: 1 to 250 euros.

Fashion Market - 7th  to 9th  December 2012  

100 fashion and accessory designers from all over France gather once again in Roubaix (Greater Lille) for the 21th  twice-yearly Marché des Modes.

In magical surroundings taking their inspiration for the world of Tim Burton with its fusion of giant sweets and confectionery from the days of your childhood, the 100 participating designers make this France’s largest designers’ fair open to the general public.

A one-off opportunity for the many faithful visitors (10,000 at the spring 2011 event) to meet up with some of the most promising new talents on the contemporary scene, young designers presenting a different kind of fashion full of surprises and originality!

Bon shopping!