What's around in Hainaut?

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Visit the underground workings, meet up with a Greeter… this will certainly add a touch of the out-of-the-ordinary to your stay!


Explore both above and below ground – the city’s medieval quarries contrasting sharply with the avant-garde covered market where your Sunday tour begins. This takes a unique look at how this virtual rabbit warren of galleries was carved out from the chalk in the building of Cambrai, especially during the tenth and 16th centuries. Some may even date back to Gallo–Roman times. Around the 16th and 17th centuries they were used for storage, and also as shelters in the two world wars.


A different way for visitors to discover the region, enabling them to gain a more meaningful understanding of the area, its culture and its people through the eyes of those who live here: this is what the Nord has decided to put into place with its network of Greeters*. Given the importance of according a personalised welcome to visitors, these Greeters – all of them in love with their town and their region, eager to interact with others and of all ages and outlooks – give of their own free time to take visitors such as yourselves around some of their favourite places.

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The concept

Greeters are local people with a passion for their town, village or district who will, like a friend, without charge and in a spirit of conviviality, take you around the area they live in. They are the very epitome of openness to other cultures, kindness, courtesy and spontaneity, have excellent general culture, are readily available and have no problem with being filmed or photographed.

Organising a meeting

If you would like to learn a bit of local history, hear a few anecdotes or find out the best places to go, then it's time for you and your friends or family (6 persons maximum) to get in touch with a Greeter.

Nothing could be easier: just choose one of the Greeters from the web site depending on your interests and affinities and then click on the “Meet this Greeter” button.

Fill in the form with your requirements and details of possible times and you will soon be contacted to finalise the meeting.


And if you enjoy looking at art, there are treats in store at the fine-arts museums in Douai, Cambrai and Valenciennes !