Make a break for it in Le Nord with the local Giants!

Carried aloft by one or more persons, parading, dancing and walking proudly in the streets, these gigantic figures made largely of wickerwork and measuring up to 6 meters high, are an integral part of the folk traditions of Northern France. The Giants are like people in that they are born, they grow up, get married, produce a family and – above all – love festive occasions and celebrations… So, be sure to come along and join them this summer!

Evenement juillet

The Giants are always a good reason for getting out and about in the Nord and visiting local fairs, street markets, carnivals, street parades and other festive events. You find plenty of them in Hainaut and the Avesnois this summer.

Come and meet the famous Gayant family, awarded UNESCO World Heritage, in Douai on the 7th  and 8th  of July , and then Bimberlot in Le Quesnoy on the 28th  and 29th  of July  and Martin and Martine in the 15th  of August procession in Cambrai .

I give you my word, you’ll love this popular culture in Le Nord!