Estaminet-cabaret with live performances in Lille

Canon d'Or

The off-beat variety performer Niko and the Lille estaminets "Chez la Vieille", "Au Vieux de la Vieille" and "La Vieille France" come together to bring you a combination of estaminet and performance venue unlike any other in the region, the "Canon d'Or" estaminet-cabaret.

The team took the decision to bring back to life old unused premises in Lambersart, on the outskirts of Lille, not far from the Citadel and the Bois de Boulogne.

Over a hundred years ago the CANON D'OR cabaret gave its name to the area. At the time, beer was cheaper in Lambersart and the people of Lille would come out for a glass of beer (a “canon”) at the CANON D' OR. After seeing lots of performers such as BOURVIL treading the boards there, it was converted into a cinema.

The CANON D'OR has a typical estaminet ambience with authentic regional cuisine and shows combining humour, ra-ras and feather boas, magic, circus acts and more…

296, rue de Lille – Lambersart

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Come and join in the fun with your friends or family at the funniest estaminet in town!