Dedication ceremony – Fromelles

19th July 2014

20 Australian soldiers identified in Fromelles


Another 20 Australian soldiers have been identified in Fromelles thanks to DNA.  A dedication ceremony will take place at Pheasant Wood cemetery in Fromelles on 19th July 2014, where they will have their own grave for the first time. The latest remains to be identified were among 250 Australian and British dead uncovered in a mass grave at Pheasant Wood near Fromelles in 2009.

The 19th of July, 1916, will forever be a date of sober remembrance in France’s collective memory and a truly sombre one in the heart of all Australians. By the end of that battle 5,533 Australian soldiers, 1,500 British and 1,600 Germans had perished in what was described as the worst 24 hours in the military history of Australia. 67 Australians remain to be identified.