6 and 7 September 2014: Maubeuge commemoration weekend

6 September 2014, Assevent national cemetery

10.00: military ceremonies.

Created by the German authorities in 1916, the cemetery serves as a final resting place for the soldiers who fell during the Battle of Maubeuge.

7 September 2014: official opening of the drawbridge.

All weekend : historical re-enactments.

The Leveau Fort is home to a museum dedicated to the Battle of Maubeuge and to the First World War. The original entrance to the Fort, destroyed on the 7th of September 1914, is undergoing restoration and will be re-opened one hundred years later. 


Feignies - Fort leveau - entr+®e

On 27 August 1914 sixty thousand German troops besieged Maubeuge. The following day their artillery began bombarding the various fortified outworks. On 7 September General Fournier, the governor of the fort, announced the surrender of the French troops, which was complete by the following day.

The Siege of Maubeuge lasted two weeks, the longest of its kind in the First World War, and provided the Germans with 45,000 prisoners; however it did slow the invading troops in their advance towards the French capital. It also prevented them from taking part in the Battle of the Marne which began on 5 September.

Today the Museum of Leveau Fort in Feignies tells the story of the fortified town of Maubeuge and how the occupation affected its inhabitants. It also describes the lives of the soldiers who fought in the Great War.