Great War Stories

Owen Memorial Fleur Rose

A School Trip: War Poetry

On the Western Front

The sailors are busy on deck and the white cliffs are already just a mirage in the distance. Thomas  watches the seagulls harrying the stern and lets the breeze caress his chin. In his hand he has an anthology of Wilfred Owen ’s  poems and he recites some of them in a low voice. The school year has just ended and the poems of Wilfred that he has been studying echo in his head. Together with three friends, Harry, Ryan and Lewis , he won the school’s war poetry competition and they are all travelling together. Wilfred Owen, born in Oswestry,  the town where they live,  was particularly moving for them. Following on the competition, the four young people, now just legally adults, have been given the task of staking out the remembrance sites they will be visiting next year with their schoolfellows .

The ship’s siren brings his reflections to an end, the ferry is arriving in Calais. The four friends go back to their Vauxhall and set off on their adventure… Follow Thomas, Harry, Ryan and Lewis  on their journey and experience with them the living human stories heavy with emotion and relating the horrors of the war described by Wilfred Owen.

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