Great War Stories

The friends

Friendship from the mine to the front line 

This is the story of two childhood friends from Wales. In the mining valleys around Merthyr Tydfil, Richard and Jack would go down every day into the bowels of the earth. When war broke out the friends imagined that going off to fight would be no more dangerous than going down the mine. Jack  was 18 years old, Richard  17. He lied about his age and enlisted with his friend. Today, William , all of nine years old, closes the notebook that had belonged to his great-great-grandfather Jack. His story has remained very much alive in the family. An oral tradition related by the fireside. Jack had never recovered from the death of his friend. He had for a long time remained in contact with Richard’s brother and had always promised himself that he would go to France and meditate at his grave in Flesquières close to Cambrai, but in the aftermath of the war this proved impossible. William ,  his parents Susie and John, and his brother Tommy , are planning to follow the road taken by these two friends and comrades-in-arms: from Lille to Armentières and on to Cambrai. Their aim is to re-establish links with Richard’s family by preparing a travel diary for them.

Follow the route taken by William, his parents and his brother on the different stages of their journey. 

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