Towns and villages

Lieux de spectacle

Among the towns and cities in the Nord, three have been designated "City of Art and History". The three - Lille , Cambrai and Roubaix - are totally involved in active measures to enhance the appeal of their heritage.

More numerous are the small towns and villages that have been awarded the status of "Heritage Village": Escquelbecq, Volckerinckhove,  Boëschèpe , Godewaersvelde, Renescure, Saint-Jans-Cappel, Sercus, Steenbecque, Terdeghem, Noordpeene, Oxelaëre, Rubrouck, Warhem and Zegerscappel. In Wallers-en-Fagne, as in the surrounding area, the bluestone still attracts sculptors. The local architecture fashioned using this variety of limestone cannot leave visitors unmoved.

Malo-les-Bains, known for its long sandy beach and its sea-wall promenade fringed with pavement cafés and restaurants, is resplendent with the audacious shapes, elegant arabesques and mixture of colours to be seen in its seaside villas.

Escelbecq is the only village north of Paris to be renowned for its many bookshops and is one of the eight places in France to be officially recognised as such. A designated "Village of Books" and "Heritage Village", Esquelbecq, is a village where the book is king, where eight booksellers are open all year round and where cultural events are a regular part of village life.

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