Cultural venues

Lieux de spectacle

Whether under the name of theatres or Maisons Folie , cabarets or opera houses , casinos or cafés-concerts, the Boulon or the Aéronef ... all of them bringing together different art forms, mixing a range of various musical styles and featuring performers from around the world, it is in all these different venues that the Nord and its visitors can experience a wealth of stunning cultural delights.

Whether they are renowned like the Zénith in Lille or the Kursaal in Dunkerque , state-financed like the Grand Bleu in Lille , the Phénix in Valenciennes and the Manège in Maubeuge , intimist like the Prato in Lille and the Luna in Maubeuge, or even as popular as Gayant Expo in Douai .....the Nord's theatres and live venues attract ever-growing audiences and visitors.